How Baking With My Kids Changes My Day – Baketivity Kit Review

I’ve always loved baking with my oldest son, Anthony. He started cooking with me when he was about 5 (now 12) and is now making Macrons on his own! So when I heard about Baketivity, I knew that it was the perfect thing for my 4 year old and I to do together. Looking back, measuring out ingredients was always the hardest part of baking with Anthony. He would always measure too much, or not enough, and things just wouldn’t turn out quite right. I love that Baketivity has everything pre-measured so that all we have to do is follow the instructions!

Baking together is something I have always loved. It gets us away from screens, and provides some one-on-one time together. My boys love baking together, too, which is refreshing because with their age difference, it’s hard to find things that they can do together. My oldest can easily read the directions, and help his brother navigate the kitchen as it learns how to bake. It’s nice to see them do something together where they aren’t arguing, and Mom gets a sweet treat in the end (if there’s anything left).

Joey even sang his “Ready To Bake” song when he got the kit!


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What Is Baketivity?

Baketivity is an awesome subscription box program for young kids to help them bake and cook with their new cooking kit! They send the pre-measured dry ingredients with easy to understand instructions to make a delicious dessert.

Each month has a different themed kit. For April, we got a giant Earth Day cookie, for May, we got Berry Scones for Mother’s Day, and for June, we got a Dirt Cake kit! The Dirt Cake kit was by-far my kiddos favorite!


How Does Baketivity Work?

Baketivity is simple! You choose a subscription plan that works best for you and your family. Baketivity offers monthly, 3 month, 6 month and yearly subscription plans. Every kit comes with:

  • step-by-step recipe guide
  • all dry ingredients
  • how-to video for kids to follow along with
  • free shipping
  • stickers and a board to match the boxes theme (in first box)
  • chefs hat and apron (in first box)
  • online stem lessons
  • live monthly baking classes

Baketivity Pros & Cons


  • more time away from screens
  • convenient and easy with pre-chosen boxes and pre-measured ingredients
  • subscriptions are reasonably priced (for a subscription box), especially if you go with a yearly subscription
  • subscriptions can be cancelled at anytime with no fees included
  • Baketivity offers baking kits without a subscription
  • gluten-free kits are available
  • additional themed kits are available for add-on to purchase
  • Baketivity offers a dog treat subscription


  • no nut-free options available (not everything has nuts, but it is prepared in a facility with nuts)
  • you’re going to want to eat all of the desserts at once

Baketivity Review – The Bottom Line

Baketivity is great if you’re looking for a way to get your kids away from screens and to spend some more time in the kitchen. If your family is looking for a way to spend some more time together in the kitchen, Baketivity is perfect for you. Subscription boxes are never cheap, but Baketivity is pretty reasonably priced for what you get, and the time spent together. For me, it came down to the spending time together over anything, and I love that so much about Baketivity. It just gave us all a chance to disconnect, and spend some time in the kitchen. Having the pre-measured ingredients helps a ton with clean-up, too. If you’re a parent and have ever baked with kids, you know how messy it can really get. These kits help eliminate some of that mess. I would definitely recommend this to parents looking for something else for their kids to do that isn’t in front of screens or outside (snowy and rainy days need indoor activities, too).


Baketivity offers a 10% Off Coupon With Code GET10 on your first kit. If you head over to their website, you can see all of the options they have available, including the extra one-time kits, and Barktivity kits for pups, too! I already apologized to my kiddos and told them that the next kit we got was for the dogs!


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